Installation Services

The difference between “installation” and “integration” extends far beyond mounting a camera on a bumper, a remote-control work light on a fender or a two-way radio in a center console. Our expert technicians have the training and experience to ensure that every component is integrated safely and securely. Our upgrades are convenient and intuitive, resulting in prompt adoption and continued use by your employees.

In short, our experience and reputation for top-quality products and services have earned us the premier solution provider for the pipeline, construction, commercial and fleet industries.

Fleet Installation Services in Edmonton, AB

Customer Service

As part of our commitment to customer service our clients are provided a digital installation report with images detailing the installation, repair, and calibration performed. Verification of all equipment and products have been fully tested to ensure proper operations and meet all site specifications. Vehicle details including unit #, Vin, Serial #, install date, technician, components installed and wiring integration.
As Western Canada’s preferred heavy equipment, commercial vehicle safety solutions provider, our #1 goal is to supply our clients with the most effective solutions, through industry leading products, expert installation and continued support on and off the worksite.


Decades of service & installation experience helped develop our best practices used in every service call and installation to optimize product performance and reduce common failures like pinched, broken, or cut wires. All wiring is routed safely for maximum reliability and serviceability. Servicing due to inferior installation practices should never occur if products are properly installed the first time.
Every installation is planned & executed with serviceability in mind.

Mobile Service

We know that downtime can cost a business. Our Certified installation team provide best in class service and specialize in mobile installations in Western Canada. On-site upgrades minimize downtime and the cost associated with moving heavy equipment or fleets of vehicles.
Certified technicians comply with all Health and Safety requirements and worksite regulations. We are a proud member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and have met the requirements to hold the Certificate of Recognition (COR) based on the provincial safety standards established by the Government of Alberta Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program.

Product & Material Selection

Part of our commitment to service is the testing & evaluating of products for performance & maximum reliability to withstand Canada’s harshest environments.
This begins with sourcing top quality materials & installation accessories including our custom designed brackets that enhance the products performance and ease of installation.
Our custom brackets used on heavy equipment not only ensure product performance but also reduce the installation cost with no fabrication welding required.
And we cannot forget our in cab mounting solutions for displays, monitors picked for optimum placement for operators viewing and to withstand years of continual use.

Heavy Equipment Vehicles Fleet solutions in Edmonton, AB
Heavy Equipment Fleet Installation in Edmonton, AB
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