Vehicle Solutions

From a Sprinter Van for deliveries and service calls to earth movers the size of an apartment building, every business owner or manager knows that safety and efficiency can dramatically affect profitability and the total cost of ownership. Certified Commercial & Fleet Services has the technical experience to provide safety solutions that ensure your assets operate safely and efficiently to maximize profitability.

Learn more about our solutions by choosing the type of vehicle that needs protection or enhancement.

Commercial Vehicles

Vehicles used for transporting goods or passengers. Includes delivery trucks, vans, long haul trucks, buses and more.


Fleet Vehicles

Applications with multiple vehicles of the same type. These include buses, tow trucks, delivery vans, rentals, government vehicles and more.


Heavy Equipment

Vehicles built for specific applications and duties. Includes earthmovers, forklifts, mobile cranes, haul trucks, pipelayers and more.


Emergency Vehicles

Vehicles that respond to incidents and emergencies. These include municipalities and community fire trucks, police and law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, tow trucks and more.


Installation Services

“That’s good enough” Isn’t in our vocabulary.
Certified Commercial & Fleet Services continues to exceed the industry standards with our passion for safety and continued advancement in technology and integration techniques.