Unfortunately, statistics continue to show that workers suffer severe and even fatal accidents due to contact with vehicles like loaders and trucks due to poor operator visibility. A camera-based 360-degree monitoring system provides significant safety benefits to heavy equipment operators by improving visibility. These solutions protect staff and assets, help to maximize efficiency and, most importantly, improve job site safety.

The team at Certified Commercial & Fleet Services near Edmonton uses Brigade Backeye 360-degree camera and monitor systems to help your operators see everything in their path. Most importantly, our expert field technicians can integrate them into almost any vehicle.

Blind Spots Lead to Accidents and Lost Time


Imagine a heavy-equipment operator in the cab of an excavator. As you can see in the image below, they have a good view of what’s in front of the machine to the left side. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the counterweight and the engine cover means that a full-grown adult could stand behind the vehicle and be completely invisible. Rotating the machine or backing it up could result in disaster.

A professionally installed 360-camera system does more than help with accident prevention. When appropriately installed, the operator can work more efficiently and with less stress. Our Birds Eye 360 view systems combine the output of four cameras into a single display to virtually eliminate blind spots. These solutions are ideal for excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, graders, dump trucks and more.

Reduce Insurance Claims With Video Evidence

If you own a fleet of equipment, you may have experienced someone claiming that one of your operators caused an accident. Without proof, it’s your word against theirs. Our 360-degree camera systems have an optional Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR) to capture everything that happens on the job site or the road. These video recording systems also store vehicle location and speed using GPS and include a three-axis accelerometer to log acceleration, braking and impacts. We can even include Wi-Fi or 4G Cellular connectivity to the MDR so that video files can be accessed remotely anytime. Management can use this information for risk assessment, incident mitigation, and operator training.

Brigade 360 camera system showing on a VBV-770M montinor

Expert Installation Ensures Compliance

As with all the safety system solutions that Certified Commercial & Fleet Services provides, our 360-degree camera systems are custom-installed for every application. Our team will work with your operators and management to choose an ideal installation location for the monitor to ensure the system is easy to use and operates intuitively. The cameras are mounted, aligned and calibrated to promote proper coverage and offer years of performance. The cabling is routed safely and securely to ensure the system functions reliably. When it comes to proper installation, the phrase “good enough” isn’t in our vocabulary.

Protect Your Staff and Equipment with Camera Safety Solutions from CCFS

Whether you manage a fleet working with one of Canada’s energy suppliers, work with townships or municipalities or have a small business with a piece of heavy equipment, investing in a safety camera system from Certified Commercial & Fleet Services can save you time and money while protecting the most critical asset, People.

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